Liza Boubari

LB- web3Most of our lives we strive to find our way back to feeling whole. Life is about this journey: the journey of removing the blocks preventing us from having peace, love and success – to Living Purposefully.

We each have a story. Liza’s story is no different than many, but what is different is that she chose to change course. Her journey in the field of hypnotherapy and alternative healing began over a decade ago when she had to undergo yet another surgery for an ovarian cyst. Through the guidance of hypnosis she was able to connect with the core reasons that her body was developing the cysts and heal herself.  Liza says: “Being a hypnotherapist, for me, is all about treating the person as a whole, not only the issues they come in for.  I’m doing work I believe in, with people who amaze me”.

Liza is a practical hypnotherapist and tends to take less of a scientific approach. She says: “I don’t know if any of us are put on this earth for a purpose. But if we are, I believe I have found mine”. It’s been over 11 years since she has stopped smoking through self-hypnosis and now she assists her clients in doing so, and much more. She uses self-hypnosis to numb her gums in the dentists’ chair for fillings and root canal work on her wisdom teeth, successfully overcome menopausal hot flashes, and cope with other physical ailments and pains. ‘There are many things that are unknown to us, yet we all possess the power to change and heal”!

Liza’s knowledge of the corporate world is due to years of experience in law offices as a paralegal and legal assistant. It was her own powerful healing experience through hypnotherapy and guided imagery that led her to this science. Changing course, she chose this path to help others. In 1997 she founded HealWithin, a Healing Center of Mind-Body Therapy – and has since been expanding her practice in her community.

Her practical experience and genuine drive to help others has forged a unique therapeutic practice where clients achiever maximum benefit in minimum time.  Liza’s caring presence, energy, and experience for the art of healing makes her an inspiring and effective guide to helping in achieving deeper potential and purpose.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Liza earned her Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification from the Hypnotism Training Institute of Glendale in 1996. She continued to earn her Certifications in Stress Management Consulting and Massage Therapy, and is a Certified Domestic Abuse Consultant – specializing in women’s issues. She is well known for her innovative seminars and workshops on stress management, the mind-body connection, and women’s issues. The scope of her practice include: Traditional and Ericksonian Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Time-Line Therapy, Guided Imagery, and NLP.

As a motivational speaker, author, a facilitator of healing and empowering women’s workshops and retreats, she works with people who want to make changes in life from the inside-out.  Liza is in the business of empowerment and personal transformation in the depth of the human experience. She shows you how to peel back emotional layers of cellular memory and experience the freedom to accept your true radiant self. “Our mission is to teach and empower people to live fully.  To uncover the layers of hurt and pain buried deep in the unconscious level.”

In 2013 Liza is the lead organizer for the 3E women’s event – June 15, 2013. This will be a day dedicated to empowering women. The 3E objectives: to Evoke-Passion, Embrace-Femininity, and Evolve-Spiritually.

Member - Expert Industry Assoc - SpeakersMemberships and accomplishments include:

Liza has appeared on the cover of Business Life Magazine as one of the Women Achievers in 1995, and was one of the prestigious award recipients of “Women of Courage” in 2010 by the City of Glendale’s Commission on the Status of Women.

July 15, 2011 – Liza was recognized as the Outstanding Small Businesswoman at the 12th Annual Women in Business Luncheon hosted by Senator Carol Liu, 25th District, Assembly member Anthony Portantino, 44th Dist and Assembly member Mike Gatto, 43rd Dist. making her one of 21 exceptional women whose professional skills and commitment to community have made them outstanding leaders and role models.

  • Expert Speaker – Presenter
  • Motivational Speaker, Past President – Executive Toastmasters International (2004-09)
  • Board-certified Member of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE)
  • Board-certified Member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT)
  • Member of the American Massage-Therapy Association (AMTA)
  • Glendale Chapter President for the International Association of Counselors and Therapists 2006-13
  • Board member – 1st VP – Program Chair – International Soroptimist of Glendale 2010-13
  • Board member – Glendale Crime Stoppers 2008-13
  • Board member – Pacific Clinics, Armenian Advisory Board
  • Board member – The Guild for the Glendale Adventist Medical Center 2010-2012
  • Past board member – 2nd Vice President Community Liaison with the Glendale YWCA 2008-2011
  • Past board member – Verdugo Hills Business & Professional Women, The American Cancer Society, The American Red Cross, Armenian American Chamber of Commerce and the former Glendale AIDS Awareness Group.
  • Member and Ambassador of the year 1995-97 with Glendale Chamber of Commerce
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The nature of the services provided are hypnosis, NLP, and Time Line Therapy™. These services are not licensed by the state. These services are non-diagnostic and are complementary to the healing arts services that are licensed by the state of California. These services do not include the practice of medicine or psychology or any other licensed healing art, Liza is not a licensed physician.