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Are you truly happy? : 9 Tips in Life that Lead to Happiness

September 12, 2014 2:59 pm
posted by Liza Boubari

Reflect and Accept at HealWithin

In memory of Robin Williams and the loss of a distant relative in the same manner, I am dedicating this segment of the newsletter in their memory.  Some folks seem so happy from the outside, yet the true inner struggles they face day in-day out, go unseen.

Let me shed some light on this and help you with what so many desire, yet don’t know how to feel:  Happiness and Joy.

Are you happy? Do you feel happy? Do you even know what it means to be happy and what it takes to achieve happiness? These are important questions for anyone who is seeking happiness to ask themselves. The problem is that in our quest to happiness, we often forget to be happy now. As we strive to achieve our goals, we postpone happiness…for later. Some even hold back showing their happiness because a family member or friend close to them is not happy.

We somehow think that even though all we want is to be happy, it’s ok not to be happy now. As if happiness is a faraway destination that you hope to visit someday, rather than a feeling, an emotion you can call to the surface if you truly desire it.

I live my life to maintain my own happiness while doing my best to not cause unhappiness to anyone else. If you want to be happy you need to understand that you can be happy, right now and always. You must also understand that you must be happy. Many people make the mistake of believing that they don’t deserve happiness and accept their unhappy state as their destiny. The truth of the matter is that happiness, like anything else in life, needs to be nurtured.

Being kind is also a habit that consistently makes people happier. Research has found that performing acts of kindness once a week leads to the most happiness.

The following are a few tips that I follow to create happiness in my life. You can apply it right away, and you don’t need to wait until you graduate, move into the new house, get your dream job, or find the love of your life to feel that happiness boost.

    1. You were not born to make someone else happy.
    2. Understand what it is that will make you happy. Everyone has unique requirements for attaining happiness and what makes one person happy may be very different from what makes someone else happy. Revel in your individuality and do not worry about whether or not your desires are comparable to those of your peers. 
    3. Make a plan for attaining goals that you believe will make you happy. Your mood will very likely increase as your pursue your goal because you will feel better about yourself for going after something you value.
    4. Surround yourself with happy people. It is easy to begin to think negatively when you are surrounded by people who think that way. Conversely, if you are around people who are happy their emotional state will be infectious.
    5. When something goes wrong, figure out a solution instead of wallowing in self pity. Truly happy people don’t allow setbacks to affect their mood because they know that with a little thought they can turn the circumstances back to their favor.
    6. Spend a few minutes each day thinking about the things that make you happy. It’s also important to take some time each day to do something nice for yourself. Whether you treat yourself to lunch, take a long, relaxing bath or simply spend a few extra minutes on your appearance you will be subconsciously putting yourself in a better mood.
    7. Finding the humor in situations can also lead to happiness. While there are times that require you to be serious, when it is appropriate, find a way to make light of a situation that would otherwise make you unhappy.
    8. Maintaining your health is another way to achieve happiness. Being overweight or not eating nutritious foods can have a negative effect on your mood. Additionally, exercise has been known to release endorphin’s that give you a feeling of happiness.
    9. Finally, it is important to understand that you deserve happiness. Those who believe that they are not worthy of happiness may subconsciously sabotage their efforts to achieve happiness. If necessary, tell yourself each day that you deserve to be happy and remind yourself what steps you will take to achieve the happiness you desire.

Happiness is hard to define but most people are aware of whether they are happy or not. Many people believe that happiness is a form of luck and that some people are destined to be happy while others are destined to be unhappy. The tips in this segment are small but meaningful steps that you can take each day to lead you to true happiness.

Live purposefully and happily,


Test Anxiety, Test Taking

July 2, 2014 1:30 pm
posted by Liza Boubari

Would you like to:

  • Retain more information in less time?
  • Take tests and exams with more confidence?
  • Eliminate test-taking anxiety?
  • Improve your test scores naturally?
  • Increase your concentration and alertness?
  • Let go of unnecessary distractions?
  • Improve your ability to recall information?

Do you find yourself in so much fear and anxiety about exams that You Cannot even function enough to pass it?  You are not alone.

All students experience stress when preparing for and taking tests. However, when that anxiety gets in the way of your performance, it becomes crucial to take the time to overcome it. When your body feels stressed, your brain is affected and spatial memory weakens. When that stress is ongoing, it starts to impair your short term memory permanently. These overwhelming feelings of anxiety brought on by exams are counterproductive to the motivation they stir from. But don’t give up, we can help!

Hypnosis is known to help calm nerves before and during tests. Many of my clients, youth and adults, have used hypnosis for taking the BAR, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCLEX, SAT, ASVAB and passed it with total calmness… and so Can You!

We know passing these tests may change the course of your career and life, and there is no reason why you cannot overcome the anxiety to follow your dream.  Let us help you achieve your desire in becoming and pursuing your goals.

Stress-Free Test Taking
When preparing for a test, all of the information that you are studying is being stored in your subconscious mind.  When you take the time to prepare for your test, the information that you require is recorded and stored in your subconscious mind.  If you know the information, there is no reason for stress or anxiety.  Since all the information is already stored, hypnosis helps you retrieve it easily and effortlessly.  Just remember, taking the test is to validate to your instructor(s) that you already know the subject and how well.

We help you change the way you look at test taking.   Assisting you into this deep, relaxed state to learn effective ways in retaining what you study and recall fully at time of taking the test – successfully and easily.

Contact us at (818) 551-1501 before your next important exam!

Until my next post, Live Purposefully!


7 Foods to Keep you Healthy, Fruity and Nutty this Summer

June 11, 2014 1:33 pm
posted by Liza Boubari

Looking for ways to stay fit, fresh and fun this summer? Here are some scrumptious health-boosters for the hot months!

Heal-thy Eating1. Lemon: Drinking a glass of (warm) water with fresh squeezed lemon in the morning is a great way to hydrate and wake up your entire digestive system. 

2. Blueberries: Their antioxidant powers make them a refreshing fruit for your whole body, and their muscle building abilities are just what you’ll need for those summer work-outs.

3. Peanuts: These nutty treats boost your energy and lower your cholesterol. They’re great for your skin and hair and a poly-phenolic anti-oxidant makes peanuts an awesome cancer preventive.

4.Watermelon: It’s not summer until that first bite into a juicy slice of watermelon. Packed with antioxidants like vitamin C, beta carotene, and lycopene, it’s a perfect thirst quencher on a hot summer day.

5. Cherries: Tart and sweet cherries. They’re an excellent source of anthocyanins and fiber. Their vitamin C and flavonoids help cherries fight cancer-causing agents. They’ve also been shown to lower inflammation in the body thanks to their phytochemicals.

6. Almonds: These nuts are not only scrumptious but energy producing. Their vitamin E helps brain function and focus. They also lower the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and weight gain.

7. Avocados: This delicious sunshine fruit is full of fats and oils that your body needs. The oleic acid in avocados helps your digestive system work better to absorb carotenoids, a powerful antioxidant also found in carrots and spinach. In fact, adding an avocado to a salad with spinach and carrots can increase your carotenoid absorption from 200%-400%.

Stay tuned for more health and nutrition tips here and at Heal-Talk Mondays. More soon!

Until our next post, Live Purposefully.


The Meaning in Memories

May 13, 2014 5:00 pm
posted by Liza Boubari

What is our emotional connection to our memories? Memories and what we memorialize in life can shape and help us in our daily lives.

Did you ever hide something important – not to lose it, just to forget where you hid it?  Well, did you know using hypnosis can help you recall the location of that item?  The power of hypnosis can certainly increase focus but, how could it help you remember? The answer to that question rests in the mechanisms of memory, hypnosis and the skill of the hypnotist. 

Over the years many clients have come to me asking for hypnosis to find lost jewelry, valuable papers, or items that were simply misplaced. Most of the time they have returned home feeling as if the session did not work, yet within days if not hours, retrieved their items. 
Memories and You- HealwithinPeople at times do not remember past events or details because they have buried it deep like those that have inflicted so much pain in them. There are individuals who may be stressed at times and the situation makes them tend to forget what they need to remember such as lessons learned for an exam or details needed for a job interview.  Often we help students retain the subjects they study and have easy recall during exams. Through hypnosis, individuals are able to concentrate more if they are relaxed and in such cases, they are also able to absorb the information quickly and remember it as well.
These days people tend to relax their minds through mindfulness, meditation, guided visualization, and hypnosis. Those who may find it a little difficult to relax may want to take a class or a session of hypnosis to attain complete relaxed state of body and mind.  In general, we usually do not have bizarre hidden memories but, there are many things we would never remember if we did not make an extra special effort to recall it. When it is really important, do not underestimate what hypnosis can do for you.
Memories are captured and stored in our minds in pictures and sounds. When we relax and go back in time, we are recalling everything as if watching a video – it is not happening at the moment.  

In general, we usually do not have bizarre hidden memories but, there are many things we would never remember if we did not make an extra special effort to recall it. When it is really important, do not underestimate what hypnosis can do for you.
Memories instilled in us.
Among my memories is spending time with my grandmother.  Her house was a revolving door. Whenever someone would come to visit after 11 am, they’d had to stay for lunch – if after 5 pm, then they’d have to stay for dinner.  My Grandmother believed in breaking bread and welcoming all who came through her door.  No one was a stranger in her world.  I recall few years before her passing there was a huge fire behind her house – off the 2 freeway and the sports complex (her house was near Fern).  All the streets got blocked right after I got to her house after telling the cops my 90 year old grandma lived alone and must be frightened.  As I walked through her the door, I saw her casually sitting and reading.  I approached and gently said: Grandma  – there is a fire right behind your house. The fire department is evacuating everyone on your street.  In which she responded: “I know. Come sit with me, the good firemen will take care of it and put it out.  God is with me…. I did not survive the genocide to die by this fire.” What she did next was get up and start cooking for the firemen.  She also had me take water and fruit to them, and later in the evening served them dinner as a thank you for protecting her house.
To this day, the memory of that day, her confidence and demeanor, plus her teachings have stayed with me.  What I learned was that even at times of disaster or danger, staying calm, focused and trusting can help me, help others.   Take a moment, go back to your memory bank and recall similar stories of your own past that have positively reinforced behaviors within you to this day.  

Until our next post, Live Purposefully.



Allergies and You – Sneezing, Itching, Scratching

April 14, 2014 4:30 pm
posted by Liza Boubari

Hypnotherapy can be highly effective at relieving the symptoms of allergies and works best on non-food allergies.  

Breath - HealWithinWhether you’re allergic to pollen, have a dust allergy, or gluten, you may have already begun to deal with allergy symptoms. From runny noses, itchy eyes and sneezes, to scratching and skin sensitivity. 

What you did not know is that through a hypnotic state, the allergic response is turned off as if turning off a light switch. Many times allergic reactions can be totally eliminated with only a few sessions. 

Here something to begin working with that’s quick and easy:

When you sense symptoms beginning, start with a few deep breaths, telling yourself (internally or out loud) to be calm… relax your body more and more with each out-breath… then notice how you are feeling around the symptoms
from a mental or emotional standpoint (“I can breathe through this”, “My body is safe”, “I am calm”).

You may have heard the term “hay fever,” but seasonal allergies, also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis, are triggered by several different types of pollen, but not by hay. When trees and grasses begin growing in the spring and early summer, they release light, powdery pollen that floats in the wind.  If you’re allergic to this pollen, it can result in sniffling, sneezing, wheezing, a runny nose, and itchy and watery eyes. For some people with asthma, pollen can also trigger an asthma attack. Allergy triggers, or allergens, vary depending on the time of year. in the early spring, tree pollen is the usual cause, and in late spring and summer it’s grass pollen that’s the problem.

So if you’re an allergy sufferer, how can you enjoy the outdoors without experiencing unpleasant symptoms? 
Here are a few tips:

  • Keep windows closed so pollen can’t drift in. Air conditioning will keep you more comfortable in hot, humid weather.  A word of caution, air conditioners can create the best conditions (damp and dark) for molds to grow in your home. 
  • Do some spring cleaning and often.
  • If possible, stay inside on windy days when pollen and spores can get blown around. 
  • Avoid being outdoors in the early morning hours (between 5 am and 10 am), when pollen counts are usually highest.
  • If you’ve been outside all day, remove and put it aside to be laundered, and take a shower after coming home. 
  • This will prevent you from taking all that pollen to bed with you.
  • Don’t hang your laundry outside to dry – it can trap pollen and mold, bringing them inside. Use your dryer instead.

Although the arrival of spring brings better weather, it also triggers the release of plant pollen that cause allergies. Hay fever affects about 10-15% of adults in industrialized nations. To treat this, many have turned to medications such as antihistamines, decongestants and sometimes steroids. But these can cause side-effects such as drowsiness, a dry mouth and raised blood pressure.

People itching for a solution to seasonal allergies could get help from self-hypnosis.  Simply focusing one’s thoughts on allergen-free environments can reduce symptoms of hay fever.  Allergy sufferers have sought alternatives approaches, including yoga, mindfulness, hypnosis and psychotherapy-related methods, to ease their irritation with itchy eyes and runny noses.  You too can!

To experience hypnosis and to learn self-hypnosis, please contact our office 818-551-1501.

Healthy Body

October 10, 2013 6:08 pm
posted by Liza Boubari

Our hearts are more than blood-pumping muscles. We are biologically wired to be connected with others. What happens if our hearts are not connected?  We feel lack of love and acceptance, and become psychologically and spiritually bankrupt or dis-eased.

Cancer has become the 2nd leading cause of death in the United States, only behind heart disease. And it appears that it has reached this position directly proportional to the way we treat ourselves emotionally, mentally and physically, plus the stress that fills our lives.

Louise Hay describes cancer to be: “Long-standing resentment, deep secret or grief eating away at the self”.  One of the benefits in what I offer in my practice is to empower my clients – to give them a sense of control”. That’s especially important in cancer treatment, since the disease often makes people feel they lost control, or their body is out of control.  

Healing Cocoon-Cancer Hypnosis Hypnosis as practiced in medicine isn’t something done to patients, but rather a technique they’re taught to use themselves. So why do we (at HealWithin) do what we do? What is the function of a hypnotherapist?  Like a conduit, we are here to guide you, to bring forth what’s stored in your subconscious mind by you and through you, to hold space, empower you, and connect you with your divine self.  Research suggests it may offer other, more tangible benefits, including: Better pain control. A recent 12-month trial study at Stanford University proved Self-hypnosis lessen or even eliminate the experience of pain for women with metastatic breast cancer, and relief from hot flashes. An antidote to fatigue. A common side effect of many cancer therapies—fatigue—can leave patients so tired they can barely get out of bed.

Studies are showing that hypnosis is a powerful and effective tool in dealing with the physical symptoms of cancer as well as decreasing need for anesthesia during surgery, alleviating pain, nausea, fatigue and emotional distress.  Hypnotherapy can help. “We encourage women to relax and then imagine themselves in a cool setting, walking safely down a cool or snowy path on a winter day, for example”.  

 During surgery, hypnotized women required 22% less analgesia and 34% less sedation. After surgery, they reported 53% less pain intensity, 46% less fatigue, 47% less discomfort, and 74% less emotional upset.  They also spent 11 fewer minutes in surgery, resulting in a cost savings of almost $800.00 per patient.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “The purpose of Hypnosis as a therapeutic technique is to help you understand and gain more control over your behavior, emotions or physical well-being”. If stress is a factor in your life, find a way to cut it down.  Stress produces acidity in the body also.

I suggest that you do some deep breathing in the morning and at night. A deep breath – which fills your entire gut and lungs and is exhaled slowly will put oxygen into the blood system, and disease cannot live long in oxygen, so we add as much oxygen as possible to the blood. You can do this throughout the day for even better oxygenation; just whenever you think about it. Chances are it will help reduce stress levels too.  If you can exercise, 20 minutes a day is very good to keep your system moving and eliminating the dead cells.  Fresh juicing is the best and easiest way to keep your system in alkaline too.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, contact me to find out how to learn hypnosis for stress reduction, pain management and to improve the overall quality of life through the stages of their treatment and wellness.

To Your Health!

Unload Stress Overload

September 15, 2013 10:03 am
posted by Liza Boubari

Unloading head junk may be the most important and lasting way to lower your daily stress load.

Head junk includes all the negative and constant draining thoughts, emotions, and beliefs you carry around in your head on a regular basis.  All the past doubts, harsh criticisms, and “could have”/“should haves”.  It is this undercurrent of troubling self-talk that keeps your worry, upset, discouragement, frustration, and self-directed anger perpetually bubbling just under the surface.

If you permit self-defeating, negative thoughts and feelings to build up, consciously or unconsciously, your mental distress storage will fill to the brim.  Then, when other annoyances, fears or threats arise, your storage overflows.  It is difficult to cope with much when you feel under the gun, stressed out, and overwhelmed. If your storage is always to this point then you may struggle with feeling depressed, anxious, angry or on constant edge in anticipation of another setback.

This is when the mind and body can shutdown, only to protect you.  The circuit breaker trips.

To take charge of your emotional state, let the negative feelings get reduced or eliminated, allowing everyday stressors to become easier to handle.  By reducing emotional and sensory overload, more energy and mental reserves are available to dream and go for what you want in life.  You become more resilient and better able to cope with challenging times. 

Perhaps the following metaphor provides another perspective.  Imagine  you are standing in an elevator and the buttons on the panel are stress buttons. What if you had total control over the buttons.  What if you decide one or more buttons leading to certain floors are out of order and no matter who or what were to push these buttons, it’ll make no difference.  It’s not coming on, thus, this elevator is not going there.  Simply, it makes no difference to you.  Just as if you are immune to the stressors until you, and only you, turn them back on. You take control of situations until you are ready to react or respond accordingly, and in a healthier way.   Become the operator of your own elevator!

It’s a wonderful feeling to confront face to face with someone or perceive something that once controlled you, triggering mental or physical distress, yet now you face it calmly with little or no reaction or effort. You have the power to progress, heal, and evolve!  With practice it becomes easier to control which “floors”  your elevator travels to.  People and circumstances that induced stress will become things of the past—distant memories.

These metaphors and techniques are lifetime tools that help you shift your thinking, release old patterns, and eliminate sources of mental drain, and to immediately upon implementation– HealWithin!

Love, Loss and Grief

June 30, 2013 11:04 am
posted by Liza Boubari

TobyTime to Embrace and say: Goodbye  

Love and Death are part of life and Grief is the natural response. Pets are family and when they pass it is extremely difficult! I find grief to ebb and flow – sometimes easier to endure than others, and my own experience to “embrace’ what is and to accept the cycle of life.

Days before the 3E event, I had to say goodbye to my little precious “Toby”. I am grateful that on 2-2-2002, he rescued and chose me to be his human mommy. From the first day we came home from the shelter, our family was bestowed with his paw, unconditional love, and uncanny protection. I have had other dogs and lost them before – but none had me from “the first hello”.  He was my ‘white shadow’.
At our healing center, he was cloned as the ‘official greeter’ – a therapist, without the professional credentials.  If you had visited our office, most likely you were greeted by Toby. 
He’d drift into hypnotic state of his own during hypnosis sessions and the moment I’d start counting up to five, bringing my clients to full awareness, he’d get up and stretch. During massage, often he’d start snoring until he’d hear me do my last chops on the client’s back, and slowly get up and walk to the door – knowing the session has come to an end. For so many, Toby was a therapy dog without the professional credentials!
Toby had a stroke on Easter Sunday and since then his health started declining, did not eat properly or could not hold his own. I found a way to place pads, changing him seven to eight times a day, only taking it off when I took him out for his walks. His legs started giving in, then vomiting, not holding food or water in. After all the tests, Toby developed mass of liquid in his body and lungs and that is why he could not keep food and water in. The vet would draw the liquid; he’d perk up for few days, then back to same. On his last day just two weeks ago, he looked at me with his loving eyes, started walking backwards, got sick and lay down moaning softly. I knew to save his dignity and free him of his pain, I had to do what was necessary and best for him.

So I held him in my arms while repeating what he had heard me say every single day… “Mommy loves Toby”. 
I talk to him in his absence, I grieve – I shed tears, but at no time did it hit home till I read this poem that I am to share with you. 

Blessings to all ‘animal lovers’

If It Should Be”

If it should be I grow frail and weak 
And pain prevents my peaceful sleep 
Then you must do what must be done 
When this last battle can’t be won 

You will be sad, I understand. 
Selfishness might stay your hand 
But on this day, more than the rest, 
Your love and friendship take the test. 

We’ve had so many happy years 
That what’s to come can hold no fears. 
You’d not want me to suffer. So, 
When the time comes, please let me go. 

Take me where my needs they’ll tend. 
Only-stay with me until the end. 
Hold me firm and speak to me. 
Until my eyes no longer see. 

I know, in time, you, too, will see 
It is a kindness that you do for me. 
Although my tail its last has waved, 
From pain and suffering I’ve been saved. 

Do not grieve it should be you. 
Who must decide this thing to do. 
We’ve been so close, we two, these years… 
Don’t let your heart hold any tears

Here is a shout out to the best animal hospital, team of doctors and staff. Montrose Animal Hospital, Montrose CA. **** 

After 11 years of going to the same vet, I was introduced to another veterinarian near my home, Montrose Animal Hosp. The difference of how they treat their furry clients, and us owners, was night and day.  Compassionate and caring!




Embrace Change

April 15, 2013 12:46 am
posted by Liza Boubari

We all need to do something we love, something that brings inner calm and nurtures our soul, something that allows us to embrace our bliss.  The hardest part of it is, making the time to do it. I now realize how much I enjoy the word “embrace”. It is a word you can never use in a negative way. Embrace your family, friends. Embrace the struggle, pain and disappointments. Embrace your heritage and femininity.  Embracing is something we need to do every day, and I don’t mean it for the sake of optimism. Embrace the times you feel upset. Don’t ever feel the need of flipping the mood around, rather, accept it. Accept who you are, accept where you are at. Embrace your body, your self – just as you are.

embrace lifeWhen you learn how to tap within, you manifest that which you desire much quicker. This info will change the course of your life.

All it takes is the courage to stand up and fight for what is in your heart, instead of letting life dictate to you that you will be what it wants you to be. There will always be things in our lives that we’ll have trouble letting go, but we must always remember that letting go doesn’t mean that our lives are over, letting go means that we can acquire new life, and that we are more ready than ever to conquer whatever may lay in our paths. 

Though many of us are very ready to grow up, mature and do the things that we dream about, it is important to grasp the concept that not everyone around you will be ready to go along with the changes you feel that you must make in your life. Some will want to stir you away, some due to their own misgivings or fears, others who truly have your best interest at heart but live their own life with fear.  Never let the people who aren’t ready for going the places that you are going stop you and eventually drag you back in a place they may want you to be happy.

I have compiled a list on “how to embrace and love yourself” for readers who are facing difficulty with knowing what to do in embracing themselves.  Become aware that you need to love yourself first, prior to developing any meaningful relationships with others.

Loving yourself feels unnatural for a start because your mind has been ingrained with self sabotaging thoughts for the longest time or you have been told being selfish is a bad thing.

However, nothing is going to happen if you do not make a conscious decision. And that includes attracting abundance. Learning to embrace your life and love yourself starts with making a conscious decision, an intention to become happy and lead a fulfilled life.

“Love yourself first and everything falls into line.”  Lucille Ball quotes 

When you make a decision to love yourself, you are really saying that you want to come alive. You accept that you are responsible for the outcomes that you experience in your life and would like yourself to shine from living a fulfilling life.

So if you’ve decided on loving yourself but are as equally stumped on how to love yourself, here are some ways which I believe can be helpful:

1.  Love  Yourself more. Think about what makes you – You. Just like a flower that needs watering to grow, learn to nurture yourself in every way. Love yourself for all the good that you see and accept your flaws and the fact that you are imperfect. This does not mean that you do not learn to change from your shortcomings; instead, you are being gentle and kind to yourself despite all your “flaws”.

2. Eliminate Self Criticism. Do you often berate yourself over the tiniest thing? Is there a little voice inside your head that often tells you that you are no good because you are stupid or make mistakes? If you find that you often judge yourself, make an effort to stop the self criticism.

3. Be Kinder – Positive. When you start to think kindly and positively about yourself, the appreciation you have for yourself just grows. Make it a habit to praise yourself- at least once a day!

4. Acknowledge Your Effort. It is not always about winning or coming up tops in everything that you do. Many times, it is the effort that counts! Acknowledge that you have done your best, even if you have failed to produce tangible results.

5. Let Go Of Worry.  Worry unrealistic negativity created by you, for you. Loving yourself requires you to let go of your worry. It is a horrible way to live a life filled with constant worrying.  It does not help in any way. It cannot, on its own, make things happen. Change the word worry to having concern. Concern in more proactive.  Spend time thinking about what you can do to help in the situation. If the situation is beyond your control, then surrender your outcome.  Pray Up!

To Your Health,


What’s your Color

March 12, 2013 12:53 pm
posted by Liza Boubari

Did you know colors evoke certain emotions?  Have you noticed when you feel gloomy if you wear something brighter, you’ll feel a bit better and lights up your mood?

“He saw red.”  
“I’m feeling blue.”
“She was green with envy.”

colorsHow often have you heard these expressions? They’re actually fairly common. And they’re a good illustration of how color relates to our emotions.

Actually, color evokes a physical effect on the human body. It can influence the pituitary gland, which helps regulate hormone production. Hormones can affect our moods, so it makes sense that color would, too. But it can also be used to change our moods. How can you use colors to change your mood? Well, clothing is the most obvious choice. What you wear not only helps you feel a certain way, but also can give a strong impression about you to others – especially people you’ve never met.

  Below, we breakdown what each primary color makes you feel.

  • Red:   – Root – grounding.  Associated with Love, Heat, evokes Anger, Intensity, Excitement.  Red is used to increase circulation and stimulate the body and mind.
  • Orange: – Sexuality – Energetic, Warm color, evokes Enthusiasm and Excitement.  Orange is used to draw attention, as in traffic signs. 
  • Yellow: – Solar- Digestion.  Cheery, Warm, Core, Nature; but evokes Frustration and Anger.  Yellow increases metabolism.  Highly visible, attention grabber. 
  • Green: – Heart – Emotions.  Nature, Health, Healing, Good Luck, Tranquility, Jealousy; has been known to increase the ability to read, used in decorating to relieve stress and calm, color of fertility.
  • Blue:  Throat – Calm, Relaxed, Soothing; evokes Serenity, Sadness – Men Preferred, Research proven blue rooms make people more productive; least appetizing.   Blue can ease the suffering of illness and pain, also lower the pulse and body temperature.
  • Violet/Purple: – Third-eye.  Symbol of Wealth and Royalty, Spirituality and Wisdom.  Sometimes evokes: exotic, mysterious, above all.
  • White: – Crown – Innocence, Spacious, Purity, Sterile, Focus, isolation
  • Black may make some people think of depression, but it doesn’t have to. It’s a very dramatic color; many artists wear nothing but black. It can denote mystery, something hidden – or maybe an introvert who’s been around crowds too long could use it to “hide” from people. In this sense, it can be a very classy or protecting color.
  • Gray is a common color for business suits, and in those instances it can indicate independence, self-control, and self-confidence. But some color specialists think it’s also about ambiguity and indecision; after all, it isn’t black, and it isn’t white, either.

You don’t have to change everything about your appearance. Sometimes an accessory, like a tie or scarf, in a particular color will have the desired effect – without being too noticeable to others.   Many of my friends know I enjoy wearing scarf’s and Pashmina and have a vast collection in different designs and colors. I enjoy the feeling of comfort and coziness, as it  enhances the look of my wardrobe.   

You may also want to make changes to your surroundings. This doesn’t mean, though, that you have to replace all your wardrobe or furniture (unless you want to, of course!). Small changes like fresh flowers, decorations, pillows, or other throws placed on the furniture may just do the trick!

May you spring forward with bright and sunny colors!

To Your Health,


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