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Take Time to Relax, Unwind and begin to HealWithin!

In today’s world we are under a constant barrage of stress with little time for breaks. Even when we do have the time, it can be hard to relax because we are simply not used to “just being.”

Your inner mind loves to learn and integrate new ideas, finding solutions to erase and transform old patterns into new. Empowering guided imagery takes you on a relaxing journey so that your subconscious mind can accept the dynamic actions that you desire to make within.

Every person goes into hypnosis in different ways. These recordings are specifically designed to take you to a relaxed, receptive state. I’ve covered different suggestions in my CD’s that work best with the subconscious mind and now you get to choose the method that works for you.  For better results, I recommend you listen to the CD’s at least three to five times a week. Some recordings are NOW AVAILABLE IN MP3 format for your healing convenience.

Liza will create a “Customized Self-Help” recording just for YOU

You owe it to your mind and body to relax and rejuvenate!

Relax and Unwind

Relax and Unwind

Find Peace and Inner Harmony

Relax and unwind! Our Relaxation hypnosis recording helps calm your mind and remove anxiety. In no time you’ll experience the benefits as your worries melt away and you feel calmer and more self-assured.



Build Self-Confidence


Enjoy Total 100% Belief in Yourself

Confidence is within You! Our Build Self-Confidence hypnosis recording helps you gain confidence and start feeling the benefits, as you take control of your life and the challenges you face in your business, social or private life.


Stop Smoking

stop Smoking

Stop smoking the Stress-free way

Let your body breath fresh air! Our Stop Smoking hypnosis recording helps you avoid those unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and constant temptations. In less than a few days, you’ll start to feel relaxed, less stressed and no longer in need of a nicotine fix.



Drop Weight Now


Wash Away Unwanted Weight in Minutes

You can let it all go! Our Drop Weight Now hypnosis recording will help you reverse this process and eliminate your cravings for unwholesome food and emotional eating that has created a bad habit. Your body begins to balance itself and you no longer desire to follow your damaging diet.



Mind-Body Connection


Enjoy Exercising Every Day

The best exercise CD ever!  Movement with specific suggestions working directly with your subconscious mind in helping and motivating you to exercise and burn away unwanted weight.  We recommend you listen to this CD repeatedly while working out, jogging or running. The suggestions with music are profound and most importantly EFFECTIVE.  This new and innovative Mind-Body Connection recording gives you the energy and get-up-and-go you need. Soon you’ll be walking and running so far ahead that you’ll have to set yourself new goals in no time.



Coping with Menopause


Be Confident about the Change of Life

Body’s Cycle of Change! Our Coping with Menopause hypnosis recording helps you eliminate the fear and apprehension. You will feel more positive, as you realize this isn’t the end of your life but the beginning of a new way of life.


Healing Cocoon – Mind over Cancer


Manage Living with Cancer

Coming to terms with cancer. Our Healing Cocoon hypnosis recording helps support you in your fight. It’s difficult to deal with the daily stress, anxiety and even depression that go hand in hand with having cancer. With this session you’ll feel the benefits as you develop a positive mental attitude towards your treatment, giving you the courage you need to cope with cancer.



Boost Your Immune System


Charge Up your Immune System

Rejuvenate and begin healing. Our Boost Your Immune System hypnosis recording helps you to fight fatigue and overcome illness. You’ll feel the benefits, as your immune system perks up and you start to feel healthier and more motivated.



Release Pain & Heal


Manage and cope with Pain

Coming to terms with Pain. Our Release Pain & Heal hypnosis recording helps support you in dealing with the daily stress, anxiety and even depression that go hand in hand with having pain. With this session you’ll feel the benefits as you develop a positive mental attitude towards releasing emotional and physical pain.


Enjoy Deep Sleep


Enjoy the Sleep of your Dreams Every Night

Don’t just dream of deep sleep! Our Enjoy Deep Sleep hypnosis recording helps encourage restful sleep. In less than a week you’ll experience the benefits to sleep deeply as soon as your head hits the pillow.



Easy Childbirth


Give Birth Effortlessly and Without Pain

Easy Delivery! Our Easy Childbirth hypnosis recording helps you acknowledge that what you experience during labor are contractions only and will soon end. Within hours you’ll feel the benefits, as your concern ceases and you start looking forward to this great event calmly and confidently.



Stress No More

StressFrontRelease Anxiety and Regain Your Control

Leave the anxieties of the day behind! Our Stress No More hypnosis recording is designed to help you manage stressors in your life more effectively and you begin to realize just how much tension and anxiety you’ve been holding onto. Take a break from stress and learn to unwind.



Heal Cancer -DVD

Cancer DVD

Guided Visualization DVD
The Mind-B
ody Communication for Cancer

This DVD is designed with images and suggestions to help you visualize, reaffirm and relax while managing the physical symptoms of cancer. Tap within to develop and maintain more positive outlook during your treatment, healing, and recovery.



For your own safety, do not listen to the recordings while driving a vehicle, operating machinery or any function that requires your full attention. 

Shipping Charges: $5.00 for each CD (all CD’s shipped via US Media Mail)

Did you know we create a “Customized Self-Help” recording just for YOU…
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