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Health promotion in the workplace is an investment in your most important asset, your employees. Studies have shown that employees are more likely to be on the job and performing well when they are in optimal physical and psychological health. Employees are also more likely to be attracted to, remain with, and value a company that values them. Wellness in the workplace improves company productivity.

Let us create a Win-Win situation!  Health promotion programs vary greatly, but most are intended to encourage people to adopt healthier lifestyles and take steps to prevent illness.   A common question we get is “what is a wellness program through HealWithin?” Here we answer that question and give you some information about the types of programs that work.  We help your employees become better in mind and in body.   

HealWithin can help your employees with Self Esteem issues, have better coping skills with Stress, reduce Anxiety, manage Weight, reduce Pain, Stop Smoking, deal with CancerSleep better, find better ways to relax, and most importantly create a more harmonious lifestyle both personally and professionally. By doing this You, the company does this:

  • Attract the most talented workers;
  • Reduce absenteeism and lost time;
  • Improve on-the-job time utilization and decision making; and
  • Improve employee morale, which leads to a reduction in turnover.

A company that cares for the well being of their employees, is a company that most employees feel appreciated. They take responsibility for their work, feel a sense of ownership and kinship, and become motivated to helping others achieve. 

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Invite us to help your organization promote health and wellness and
watch your company’s morale and productivity soar.  

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The nature of the services provided are hypnosis, NLP, and Time Line Therapy™. These services are not licensed by the state. These services are non-diagnostic and are complementary to the healing arts services that are licensed by the state of California. These services do not include the practice of medicine or psychology or any other licensed healing art, Liza is not a licensed physician.