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You’ve heard of the therapeutic health benefits of massage therapy. You’ve heard about the powerful healing qualities and life changing aspects of hypnosis.  Now imagine combining them together… it truly becomes a state of enhanced relaxation and concentration in which the deeper parts of the mind become more accessible. Hypno-Massage, or the integration of body work with therapeutic hypnotic suggestions, allows the body to bring to surface, communicate and release the underlying blocks stored within the body.

How it works:

There are various combinations of Hypnosis and Massage therapy available today. At HealWithin, my unique approach involves administering both Hypnotherapy and Massage Therapy techniques simultaneously during a single session.

While you are relaxing through massage; hypnotic suggestions, either general or specific to your needs, are incorporated. A deeper relaxation of the mind-body is induced. This allows the subconscious to be more aware and open to the powerful therapeutic suggestions. At all times, you are aware and awake,  yet in a deeper state of relaxation.

Sometimes old injuries may still be locked in the “muscle memory” of the body, preventing healing. The unique combined practice of Hypno-Massage helps clear emotional trauma and speed healing. Some clients have even cleansed themselves of old emotional trauma, shed tears, let go of unresolved physical pain and felt lighter both physically and emotionally. Since we all are Unique, there is no cookie cutter experience. Some clients just go into a deeper state and relax deeply while listening to the specific suggestions during massage.

Prior to your session, a short analysis is conducted to determine your specific needs and possible benefits that can be derived from Hypno-Massage.

We hope you will feel a lifted spirit, renewed energy and profound enhancement in many areas of your life.


Areas of benefit offered by Hypno-Massage include:Total Relaxation * Anxiety & Stress Release * Painless Childbirth (“HypnoBirthing”) * Body/Mind Healing * Pre/Post medical procedure anxiety * Regression therapy * Pain Management * Self-esteem & Confidence * High blood pressure management * Self healing: mind & body * Weight control * Insomnia * Smoking cessation (“Stop Smoking”) * I.B.S * Memory improvement * Tension Headaches * Improved Motivation $205   75-80 Minutes

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The nature of the services provided are hypnosis, NLP, and Time Line Therapy™. These services are not licensed by the state. These services are non-diagnostic and are complementary to the healing arts services that are licensed by the state of California. These services do not include the practice of medicine or psychology or any other licensed healing art, Liza is not a licensed physician.