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You are about to go through many changes – not only physical changes, but mental and emotional transitions as well.  The next 38-42 weeks will be the most beautiful, challenging, exciting and possibly anxious times of your life.  Your sessions at HealWithin will give you the opportunity to connect lovingly with your baby, to accept the changes your body will go through, to nourish, rest and sleep better, and to relax wonderfully deeply – a major boost in itself!

Mothers are always told that pregnancy should be a joyous time; that when you are pregnant you ‘glow’ with health. But many mothers just don’t feel that way. For some, pregnancy can feel foreign to their bodies, accompanied by feelings of stress, anxiety and fear. We will also provide you with unconscious suggestions to feel more accepting, safe and positive about your body and pregnancy.

HypnobirthingThe hormonal roller coaster can be mild or extreme. At times, overwhelming feelings can make you feel a loss of control and security. Research shows us that stress experienced by a woman during pregnancy may affect her unborn baby as early as 17 weeks after conception. Good diet, regular rest and a good positive attitude all help the unborn baby. Having support, a loving partner and home is a plus as well!

It is important to remember that all pregnant mothers are liable to have mood swings. All new mommies to be will feel worried and stressed sometimes; this is perfectly natural. But prolonged and severe stressful negative feelings can affect both mother and baby.

In addition to the average person’s daily stresses, you now have elevated symptoms of stress that effect the whole you – body, mind and spirit. Stress levels increase and your ability to cope/manage them are reduced during your pregnancy.

One client’s hypnobirthing experience… “The hypnotherapy session
I will do my best to describe this…but to be honest, it’s hard to explain.  I went in not knowing what to expect, but had an open mind and heart hoping I’d learn how to cope with the pain of labor….” read more

How does mothers’ stress affect the unborn baby?
Stress during pregnancy and the mother’s anxiety may reduce blood flow to the womb and thereby reduce the amount of oxygen and nutrients the baby receives through the placenta. Scans have shown that there is reduced blood flow to the baby in anxious mothers. Undue and prolonged mother stress can, it seems, affect the unborn fetus emotionally and physically, to the extent that its IQ can be lowered.

Become more attentive to yourself and your unborn baby.
Everybody needs to relax regularly, to feel supported and secure. But when you are pregnant, these needs take extra priority because when you are happier, your baby is happier and may also be healthier. Take time to talk with people you feel safe with and make relaxation and rest an important part of your day. Every time you relax deeply your immune system works more powerfully and your heart and lungs have a healthy rest. Soothing music, warm baths, strolls and being with friends and nature, meditation and regular deep hypnotic relaxation can have a wonderful impact on your baby in the womb.

Regular and wonderfully deep relaxation while you are pregnant will free your body and mind to use available energy for restorative functions. When you relax, your baby will relax. Relaxation can actually enhance the functioning of your body and mind.

Rest assured – we can work closely with your OB/GYN to help your birthing process become calmer, easier and as relaxing as possible should you choose not to do full Hypno-birthing.

We at Healwithin Honor Moms – we help, hold and create a special place for you and your baby from day one – to birth, and thereafter.  We can help you with:

Positive Pregnancy
Length of labor reduced by 54%
Use of narcotics reduced by 30%
Forceps reduced by 40%
Epidurals reduced by 75%
Less Morning Sickness
Breastfeeding Relaxation
Childbirth Hypnosis
Eat Healthy
Enjoy Motherhood
Relieving Constipation
Fast Natural Healing
Portion Control
Positive Menopause

Pre-Post Pregnancy Massage!

HypnoBirthing and Support –
– We are with You
Hypnotic, emotional & physical support during labor.
$450 – price subject to increase after 24 hours

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